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Volvo Downunder Spares distributes the PPC Restoration Product Range for all Restorative Work - cars & boats PPC Product Range Restoration Work

PPC Restoration Products have become the experts in rust repair, corrosion and general restoration in the motor, marine and industrial areas.

The POR15 product range, made in the USA, is designed for restoration work, especially any areas of rust protection. Suitable applications are: vehicles, motorbikes, boats, yachts, roofs, industrial, farming, anywhere there is rust. Within the range there are products to protect your wood decking , car dashboards boards, fuel tanks.

The POR15 Rust Preventive Paint, acknowledged worldwide as the finest rust preventive coating ever developed, stops rust permanently and is the product by which all others are measured.

The upmarket Leatherique (USA) leather restoration products that rejuvenate and clean old and new leather as well as the more serious crack filling and dyes are a fairly new addition to the range. Leatherique also works brilliantly on your leather lounge, which will look 'as new'.

In addition there are a range of products for sealing those impossible places, tools to help the restorer such as spray guns, bench top sandblasters, brushes, tack cloths and paint can pourers, to name a few.

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POR 15 Restoration

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