2015 Targa Australia

2015 Targa Australia held in Tasmania

Targa Australia - Tasmania 2015

TARGA AUSTRALIA, TASMANIA - is for the owners of sports cars and GTs to drive them the way they were designed to be driven

Competing in Targa is your opportunity to share in its unique history in the making, and experience some of the most exciting and challenging tarmac roads in the world the way your car was designed to be driven.
This is the ultimate experience - this is the Ultimate Tarmac Rally.

Targa Australia, Tasmanis 2015

2015 Targa Australia - White & Yelds 1961 Volvo 122S

TEAM 222 : Andrew White/Ashley Yelds - 1961 Volvo 122S

"2015 marks our eleventh year of teaming to compete in Targa Tasmania. The Rally this year runs six days around the northeast and northwest of the island, largely around Launceston, with a loop down to and south of Hobart over two days."

Download the following PDF's to get an overview of the event:
2015 Targa pre_start

Targa 2015 Leg Two

Targa 2015 Leg Three

Targa 2015 Leg Four

Targa 2015 Leg Five

Targa Tasmania 2015 Leg Six

2015 Targa Tasmania - Volvo 122S

Queenstown climb - no sweat for Volvo 122S

2015 Targa Leg 5

White & Yelds - Volvo liftoff

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