Volvo Garage as Showroom


Deverson GarageWorks can help you achieve this. The spaces can range from unobtrusive storage solutions to 10 to 15 cars on a 1000sq m block, to expansive garages more than double the size of a suburban lot, complete with secret passages, cellars, cinemas or swimming pools.

One of Deverson's unique designs is owned by Adelaide businessman Matthew White. "His garage is more a museum to the golden age of the automobile than simply a place to park his car - or indeed, collection of cars. The South Australian Accountant and racing team owner garages his vintage cars and motocycles in the ultimate carport. In the style of a 1930's country manor, surrounded by vintage automobile accessories. It's a charming tribute to his impressive vehicle collection. The attention to detail is second to none, says White. The cabinetry, the design - everything has been thought of." (courtesy of The Weekend Australian Mansion Australia.)

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Deverson Garageworks provides a comprehensive service starting with concept designs right through to manufacturing and construction. This covers disciplines such as building and interior design, furniture, lighting and audio visual design, landscape design, security, air filtration and purification. Practical services include manufacturing and fabrication, restoration, research and analysis, procurement and project management.

Below is a design that is a workshop for the owner to focus on the restoration of his collection:

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